Who are we?

The mythology of the Fifth Sun represents the constant rebirth of an era, towards sustained evolution. That is why our company continually reinvents itself, seeking the greatest learning in each situation and applying it immediately.

We are a company that understands the market and connects the dots.

We look for the best producers in Mexico or the world and take care of the whole process to make them reach the consumers who need them.

We have extensive experience and excellent results from product design and development, to direct delivery with the specifications required by each customer.

Our Values:

  • Courage

    - We dare to go further because we trust our company, the skills of our people and the quality of the products we handle.
  • Honesty

    - There are no hidden agendas, we do as we say. We believe in transparency and are always looking for the opportunity to generate negotiations that are win-win for all the parties involved.
  • Passion

    - We are a group of people passionate about growth, results and what we do.
  • Responsibility

    - We assume responsibility for our actions and undertake to fulfill our commitments.

and above all ...

  • Freedom

    - Our company brings together people with a free mind, who dare to think outside the box; to challenge the status quo; to push the established limits and barriers, to open new paths and generate surprising results, without ties.

We take brilliant ideas, and make them a successful reality!

Meet our team